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Parallel Model (P) Cam Indexer


Cam Indexer , also known as cam splitter, cam divider, cam indexing drive, rotary cam indexer, is a high-precision slewing device that converts the continuous operation of the automation equipment into the stepping action. It is a mechanism for intermittent motion, which is featured with high indexing accuracy, high speed performance, stable operation, large transmission torque, self-locking during positioning, compact structure and long service life. 

Parallel model (P) cam indexer consists of two or three pieces of plate cams fixed on the input shaft and the output shaft of the roller tower driven by cam. It is designed with a parallel conjugate cam mechanism, that is to say, the function of the indexing of the output shaft is achieved by the operation that rotation of the two-piece plate cams engaged on the input shaft drives the roller turret to rotate. It is suitable for the rotational belt drive with longer distance or the intermittent indexing with longer dwell time.

Parallel Model (P) cam indexer includes: P50, P65, P80, P100, P105,P125, P130, P150, P160, P175, P200, P250, P320.


Parallel Model (P) cam indexer is widely used in: Car assembly line, electric light source equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, printing machinery, LED equipment, food packaging machinery, sealing and filling machinery,cosmetic machinery, tobacco machinery, glass ceramic machinery, automatic feeding machine, automatic tool change mechanism, electronic assembly line, coating equipment, capping equipment, riveting & welding equipment, etc.

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