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Quality Control

passing ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, possesses more than 20 product patents, which belongs to a new high-tech enterprise.

To obtain the trust of users, the company manufactures high-accuracy, high-speed, high-durability products in line with integrity management, strives to develop HONEPAN product as the No. 1 in cam indexer industry in China, marches toward "Created in China" from "Made in China". No. 1 of the cam indexer industry. Every process of our company can ensure product quality, we keep plain and grateful, and keep practicing our efforts and sincerity.

  High Manufacturing Technology

  Advanced Manufacturing Equipments

  Strict Testing Procedures

China Professional Cam Indexer / Rotary Indexer / Cam Indexing Drive / Roller Gear Cam Index Unit manufacturer and supplier with 13 years experience in the design and production.




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