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Terms & Definitions of Cam Indexer Honepan

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Terms & Definitions of Cam Indexer Honepan

cam indexer terms and defination

Terms & Definitions of Cam Indexer Honepan:

1. Globoidal cam:

A cam in which a groove is cut into the surface of a drum-shaped solid body and fixed to the input shaft.

2. Tapered rib:

The tapered rib is located on the circumference of the globoidal cam, between the cam grooves, coming into linear contact with the circumference of the cam follower.

3. Cam follower:

This precision-designed cam follower use a needle bearing developed by HONEPAN and designed to withstand heavy loads.

4. Turret:

Attached to the output shaft while the followers are radially embedded in the turret. It’s accuracy is the most important factor in the production of Honepan cam indexer or indexing drives.

5. Number of stations:

The number of stations per revolution of the output shaft.

6. Indexing angle (Cam indexing angle) :

The angles of rotation of the input shaft required to perform an index motion once. The greater the angle, the smoother the motion.

7. Dwell angle:

The angle of rotation of the input shaft when the output shaft is stationary. The sum of this angle and the indexing angle is 360˚.

8. Number of revolutions:

The number of revolutions of the input shaft.

9. Static torque:

The maximum torque that can be applied to the output shaft while in a stationary position. Applying torque more than this value may damage the index drive.

10. Dynamic torque:

The maximum torque acting on the output shaft while it is indexing.

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