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The function and application of cam indexer

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The function and application of cam indexer

The function and application of cam indexer

The cam indexer is a mechanism that realizes intermittent motion. It features high indexing accuracy, stable operation, large transmission torque, self-locking during positioning, compact structure, small size, low noise, good high-speed performance, and long service life. It is an ideal replacement product for traditional mechanisms such as geneva drive mechanism, ratchet wheel mechanism, incomplete gear mechanism, and pneumatic control mechanism.


Cam indexers are widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, automatic feeding mechinery, food packaging machinery, glass machinery, ceramic machinery, tobacco machinery, filling machinery, printing machinery, electronic machinery, automatic tool change devices in processing centers, etc., which need to convert continuous operation into a stepping action on various automated machinery.

Mechanical structure of cam indexer: an input shaft driven by a motor, cam mechanism, output shaft and flange . The turntable with the workpiece and positioning fixture is installed on the output shaft.

The cam indexer is a kind of spatial cam indexing mechanism in structure, and it mainly realizes the following functions in all kinds of automatic machinery:

1. Intermittent conveying in the circumferential direction;

2. Intermittent conveying in the straight direction;

3. Swing drive manipulator.

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