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In 2007, Zhucheng Honepan Automatic Machinery Plant took the lead in devoting to research, develop and manufacture high-speed precise cam indexers, the company covers an area of 52 acres, wherein, the production workshop area is 22,000 square metres, the office area is 5,000 square metres, and the living area is 3,000 square metres. HONEPAN is the registered trademark of HONEPAN′s products, the Company owns more than 20 product patents, which belongs to a new high-tech enterprise, founded Shandong Xitu Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd in 2015.
Zhucheng Honepan Automatic Machinery Plant established university-enterprise cooperation unit, undergraduate practice base together with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Since its foundation, the company has always been committed to scientific research, vigorously introduced high and new technologies in aspect of design; The company is backed by the close cooperation with institutions of higher learning in aspect of technology; The company introduces advanced and testing equipment as quality assurance, assigns technical personnel to Japan, Italy and Taiwan, etc. After learning and absorbing advanced technology abroad, combining with domestic actual situation, the company has set the products as three categories (HBH, HBP, HBY), eight serials, and more than ninety specifications, and can customize the specific products according to the different requirements of users.



China Professional Cam Indexer / Rotary Indexer / Cam Indexing Drive / Roller Gear Cam Index Unit manufacturer and supplier with 13 years experience in the design and production.




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